Bibliothèque de la Primaire et de la Maternelle

EES Maternelle and Primary Library

Our library could be considered the most important room in the school. It’s the only room that every child visits every week and where all 3 language sections are represented. It’s a place to research academic work as well as to read for pleasure and relax away from the classroom.

The collection is growing year on year through school budget spending and donations from parents. We now have over 6000 titles. We are particularly grateful to the generous annual donations that we received from Amicale Education between 2008 and 2012.

Since 2012, the Maternelle and Primary books are housed in the same library. A well organised rota ensures that everyone gets at least an hour per week to peruse the shelves and select up to two books to borrow and take home.

Every child is also now equiped with a laminated bookmark that allows them to scan their own books. Similarly, classes are encouraged to take an active rôle in tidying and organising of their library.

The library is a busy place with individuals and groups of students coming and going. Equally, the management of the library is a dynamic process and plans for the future include :

  1. Train a team of P5 students team to operate the library on a daily basis.
  2. Survey school resource needs and order books accordingly.
  3. Continue to cover, register, repair and shelve books.
  4. Organise guest readings and writing workshops.
  5. Celebrate World Book Day.
  6. Create a Teacher’s Resource corner.
  7. Buy new shelves to house the expanding collection and accomodate the new system of classification.
  8. Prepare themed corners and boxes of resources for Discovery of the World projects.