Language 2

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  • Zweitsprache Deutsch - Theaterausflug der P3 und P5

    Die Deutsch-L2-Gruppen (P3-P5) haben im Rahmen des Allez hop ! - Festivals am 11.01.2017 die zweisprachige Theateraufführung "Rapunzel" besucht. Hier finden Sie einen Videobeitrag ( ab der 11. Minute) des SWR dazu :


  • Assemblée langue 2 FR des P3-P4-P5

    The children learning french as language 2 had an assembly on march 30th. They presented their work about the topic "friends" with songs, poems and even a play.


  • The teaching of Language 2

    “The learning of languages is a defining feature of the European Schools, giving the schools much of their special character. The place of the second language is central. As well as personal and social benefit, learning a language should widen students’ educational employment opportunities.” (Extract from European Schools Language 2 (...)