After School Sports (UNSS) at the EES

The European School’s participation in the UNSS addresses the European Program objective : “Physical Education should create a bridge between sports and local culture.”

Our project with the UNSS is related to 3 of our central themes in the Physical Education Project : Competition, Health and Coeducation and Social Diversity.

COMPETITION THEME : the UNSS addresses PE Objective # 1 : Develop a mindful practice as well as fine-tuning and enriching acquired motors skills. All students who participate in these afterschool activities may participate in the competitions (Basketball, Table Tennis, Futsal, Badminton and Step).

HEALTH THEME : the UNSS addresses PE Objective # 2 : Give all students (girls and boys) a taste for physical activity and effort in order to have a healthy life (cf European Syllabus and French text 3rd PE Objective). For this, we have developed STEP FITNESS with an aspect of relaxation. Every year we bring about 50 students to the District Cross and accompany those who are qualified for the Interdistrict Cross.

COEDUCATION AND SOCIAL DIVERSITY : the UNSS addresses PE Objective # 3 : Live together and respect one another while benefitting from our differences. We would like to mix students from the Vauban middle school with the European School students in all activities.