European Program Objectives

Physical Education is an integral part of the total development of the individual, something that concerns overall education. Its pedagogical aspect is more than just the development of physical and motor skills.
Physical Education includes social relations, emotions and cognition. With this in mind, physical education should have a positive influence on lifestyle and should encourage cultural interaction.
Physical Education should create a bridge between sports and local culture.
The main goal in teaching sports is to promote potential development through exercise, games, performance and health, in a safe, structured and suitable environment. All of this is implemented and guaranteed through different athletic experiences.

1.1.1 Aims of the School Syllabus

-develop a positive attitude towards athletic activity, aiming to encourage these activities throughout life
-develop appropriate motor skills in continuation with Primary Physical Education
-develop a sense of personal fitness and enough knowledge so that students can lead a healthy and active life
-promote personal initiative and self confidence
-foster an appreciation of the value of sportsmanship and responsibility
-recognize personal capacities and limitations as well as those of others

Within this structure the aim is to provide positive attitudes and practice towards physical activities and sport. This goal should be realized through basic motor skills, social competences, playing competences, health and physical fitness competences, by building on the foundations laid in Primary PE.

1.1.2 Skills and Competences

Basic Motor Skills – taught in Primary and referring to the Primary syllabus

-running – different directions, speeds, techniques and rhythms
-jumping and landing – 1 footed and 2 footed take-offs, long, high, advancing on left and right foot, off different surfaces
-throwing and catching – various ways, different balls and different objects, different sizes and materiel
-rolling, balancing, climbing, swinging and sliding

Social Competences
-participating with fair-play : respecting others/respecting the rules
-being part of a team and having team-spirit
-developing self-responsibility, as well as for others and equipment
-working with others on a common goal
-being responsible for the safety of others
-being autonomous
-supporting the teacher
-dealing with conflicts constructively
-being flexible in the face of different roles (helper, referee, team member) and learning to play one one’s role

Playing Competences
-accepting the rules and referee’s decisions
-learning different techniques
-learning tactics
-developing team-spirit
-enjoying a game and understanding its idea
-understanding the importance of safety
-being able to adapt

Competitive Competences
-creating a positive attitude
-developing a capacity for overcoming challenges
-increasing concentration and effort
-developing intrinsic motivation
-fostering positive thinking and motivation
-learning to self-evaluate
-setting goals
-participating in competitions
-organizing competitions
-accepting individuals roles within a team

Health and Physical Fitness Competences
-understanding the personal, social and mental importance of the exercise and activities
-knowing and practicing the basic principals of hygiene
-understanding the relationship between health and fitness for a healthy body image
-improve physical capacities through outside activities/adventure sports
-knowing about nutrition
-learning First Aid

Physical Fitness Competences (strength – endurance – speed – flexibility – coordination)
-developing an active lifestyle for a better quality of life
-understanding the positive consequences of exercise to improve training benefits
-using correct equipment and appropriate clothing
-knowing and applying safety rules
-learning relaxation exercises

Specific objectives for the European School of Strasbourg

At the European School we would like to teach a physical education that is different from that of Club Sports. We would like students to reflect on how they have acquired social and competitive skills. Equally, we would like to teach a useful health education as well as teach students how to live together.

Thus, our objectives :

PE Objective # 1 : Develop a mindful practice as well as fine-tuning and enriching acquired motors skills

PE Objective # 2 : Give all students a taste for physical activity and effort in order to have a healthy life

PE Objective # 3 : Live together and respect one another while benefitting from our differences

PE Objective # 4 : Involving and keeping the European School alive by doing common projects