Projects and Field Trips in PE

- Gatherings between different school levels, such as students from P5 and S1, are organized each year. We choose basketball or soccer as activity and plan 2 encounters for each S1 class. The S1 students welcome the P5 students and organize a warm-up. We then organize a tournament with teams made up of both P5 and S1 students. These encounters always go on very well. The S1 students are thrilled and pleased to welcome the P5 students.

- Every year, in September, we organize a hike in the Vosges for the S1 students and for the students in “6ème” at the College Vauban. This increases interaction between the two schools and improves the general atmosphere for the cohabitating establishments. This moment together helps avoid judgements and helps the students to get to know each other.

- We organize, during Sports Day, activities for all S1 students in order to increase interaction between all sections. Each year, we dedicate special attention for the S1 students and “6ème” students at the College Vauban and introduce them to all the activities taught at the UNSS (futsal, badminton, basketball and step), hoping to increase participation.

- Every year we organize a week long ski trip for the S3 students to increase interactions between sections and at the same time teach the : “living together” idea. Since 2012, we have also included the “4ème” from the College Vauban (with whom we share facilities) in order to improve the general atmosphere and the cohabitation. The week of ski takes place at “La Station de Arcs” during the month of March. Students discover the region, wildlife, vegetation and economic activity though guided visits, such as : a visit to the museum of natural history, a visit to a local farm and cheese making artisan, a visit to a cheese factory, a visit to a carpenter…Other activities related to the mountain are also organized, such as : a snowshoe hike, a workshop on different types of snow and avalanches as well as ski lessons.

- We plan to organize a First Aid Class for S4 students at the European School to address education on safety (cf “Health and Physical Fitness Competences : learn First Aid” European Syllabus).

- We organized an athletic encounter with the European School, Type II, of Rhein Main on June 16th to June 18th in 2013 with S4 students. The European School of Strasbourg hosted 26 students from the European School of Rhein/Main, not far from Frankfurt, Germany. These students were housed in strasbougeois families. This linguistic, amicable and athletic exchange should allow students schooled in the European School Systems to exchange and share their ways of living, to compete against one another in athletic competitions and as well discover Strasbourg’s cultural wealth. This project is renewable for the 2014 and/or 2015 years and this time, we will go to Rhein Main.

- We plan to organize a Sailing Field Trip for S5 students in June 2014 : Sailing (catamaran and windsurf) at the European School is an outdoor activity (APPN). Sailing confronts students in an unknown setting. They encounter various elements (water, wind, temperature…). They are in a natural marine environment gauging risk and safety individually as well as collectively. Sailing educates students on health, safety, responsibility and independence. These are Physical Education requirements on the European syllabus. We would like this to be an interdisciplinary project among the Language, Biology, Physics and IT teachers.

- We organized a Flashmob on “Europe Day,” May 9th, 2012 on Place Kleber in Strasbourg with all European School sections. We used the European hymn (in a Hip-Hop version). The students designed the choreography. Each class proposed a segment during a dance cycle in PE. Next, student representatives, student delegates, made an overview choosing a choreography that best represented the European School. All students learned the choreography and danced it for Europe Day. Some Teachers danced as well, reinforcing general cohesion. Many journalists helped communicate this event as well as the radio and TV channels (France 3 et Alsace 20). We plan to redo this type of event for the next Europe Day. The video from channel Alsace 20 can be seen here :