Economics at the EES

Economics is a 4-period course that begins in S4. It consists of an introduction to basic economic mechanisms. The aim is to help students, "develop an awareness of economic concepts" and "understand the different economic systems" (S4&S5 Syllabus, Objectives).
A European dimension of economic activities is placed at the center of this two-year course (S4-S5).

What is a market? What are the different sorts of money? Why do economic agents build up savings? These are questions that are dealt with during the S4 and S5 years.
The course is taught in the students’ second language, reflecting the European School’s philosophy of integrated and shared culture. Currently, economics is being offered in English and French.

For those entering S6 and who wish to continue economics, there is a 4-period option that prepares them for the final exam in S7 (a 3-hour written exam). Throughout this final cycle, students delve deeper into the main concepts used in economics and enhance their knowledge of economic theories. Issues such as employment and unemployment, inflation, growth or international trade are studied. The course is based on dialogue and interaction with students and aims at improving their critical thinking skills (S6&S7 Syllabus).