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  • WWI : War of Images, Images of War

    Students from S6 History 4p (French and English) visited the "World War I : War of Images, Images of War" exhibition at the Würth Foundation museum on Tuesday October 18th. The students had the opportunity of experiencing firsthand the role of propaganda during WWI and to learn from a very dynamic museum guide. Ms Gonzalez / M. (...)


  • MEC2016

    "Between March 9-11th, ten S6 FR-EN-DE students will participate in the Model European Council (MEC) 2016, in Mol, Belgium. The students will have the opportunity of representing the fourth power, the press, and will have to produce 3 newspapers reporting on the event. Take a look at them learning about newspaper layout and format (...)


  • L’EES au Parlement pour l’Euroscola

    Twenty-three S7 students participated at Euroscola on Friday October 9th, having the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).


  • Model European Council

    During March 22-24th, a group of 11 students from EES participated in the Model European Council (MEC) for the first time. MEC is a simulation of the European Council in which students from several European Schools represent delegations of European Union member states and discuss current affairs in five separate councils. MEC 2015 (...)


  • History at the EES

    History Summary The S1 to S7 History program follows a chronological timeline from prehistory to the breakup of the USSR in 1990. The students begin by exploring the question, what is history? What are historical sources? What information do they convey and how reliable are they? Students will explain the cause and effect (...)