Le département de mathématiques de l’école européenne de Strasbourg

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  • Mathématiques sans Frontières Junior, édition 2016

    On Tuesday, 1st March 2016, the P5 and S1 students of the three language sections DE, EN and FR participated in the ‘Mathématiques sans Frontières Junior’ competition (mixed teams of P5 and S1).More than 150 students worked out nine questions with different level of difficulty in 50 minutes. Excellent (...)


  • Mathematics at the EES

    Mathématiques à l’école européenne de Strasbourg

    The objective of the first year of the secondary school is to consolidate previous knowledge acquired during the primary school cycle. The second year helps in reinforcing the work already tackled in the first year while developing new skills and and knowledge needed in mathematics, science and social science. The main topics of the (...)