European School Science Symposium 2015 in Munich

Students from the European School of Strasbourg competed in the European School Science Symposium (ESSS 2015) held in Munich from the 15th to the 18th of March. It was a first for the EES but the experience showed that it certainly won’t be our last.

The students spent months working hard on a research and/or engineering project in which they addressed very important and innovative issues. The projects culminated in the ESSS 2015 in which the students had to submit a research report, make a poster and carry out a presentation in front of a jury. The projects were as follows :

“Giving Coral a Helping Hand” by Benjamin Heckmann and Rose Bernard, S3EN

“The Seat of Power – An Engineering Project Based on Anthropokinetic Energy” by Rory Brooks, Matteo Righi and Fergal Wraith, S5EN.

“L’Antivol a Vide” – by Nicolas Cathelin, Jeanne Estienne and Luiza Rautu, S6FR.

The symposium was a great learning opportunity for the students who were immersed in a multi-national scientific environment, with talks from plenary speakers and fellow students. In addition to the presentation, the students had the opportunity to visit some great sights in and around Munich, including the BMW museum, the Deutsches museum, the Museum of Five Continents and the salt mine in Berchtesgaden.

Congratulations to the students who competed and well done to the S5EN team for reaching the final. You have done your school proud !