L’EES au Parlement pour l’Euroscola

Twenty-three S7 students participated at Euroscola on Friday October 9th, having the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Member of the European Parliament (MEP). 500 students coming from 22 different EU countries participated in the event, discussing a number of issues such as: economic development, migration and integration, freedom of information and active citizenship, youth employment, environment and renewable energy, and the future of Europe. The students voted on resolutions and were able to interact in various languages with their peers. Ms. Fernanda Gonzalez and Mr. Alain Fassiaux trained the 23 students and accompanied them during Euroscola. The students certainly represented EES in the best possible way, asking questions during the first Plenary Session, leading the Working Groups and finally, acting as rapporteurs of their groups and presiding the final Plenary Session. Well done, S7s!

Fernanda Gonzalez and Alain Fassiaux.