General Councils

What is a General Council ?


General Councils
1. General Councils shall be convened, as the need arises, to deal with matters affecting the whole school (General Council) or a particular cycle (cycle General Council). These Councils shall have an advisory role.
2. All teachers shall attend General Councils ; cycle General Councils shall bring together the teachers of the cycle in question. Attendance at Councils shall be compulsory, except where dispensation has been granted by the Director, on written request, on duly substantiated grounds.
3. The secretary, designated by the Director, shall produce a report of the meeting. Any member of the Council may request that his/her views be put on record in the form of a written note to be supplied by him/her. The report shall be approved by the Director and submitted to the Council for approval at its next meeting.
4. For specific issues requiring prior investigation, General Councils may propose the setting up of working groups.