Model of United Nations in Munich

This November, seven students from our school were selected to participate in the Model United Nations conference (MUNOM) hosted by the European School of Munich and the European Patent Office. 
The EES delegation had the opportunity to represent the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea at MUNOM. The DPRK delegation made a memorable entrance to the opening ceremony in the spirit of its nationalistic values, one that will be remembered by all the MUNOM participants !
The delegates were divided into seven different committees, each having different topics to be discussed : disarmament and nuclear proliferation, arms trafficking, terrorism, support to SMEs and access to financial services, handling economic crises, refugee integration, integration of LGBQT individuals, gender equality, measures to prevent electoral fraud, protection of whistleblowers, legalisation of drugs, corruption and embezzlement in multinational companies and institutions, Internet piracy, the situation in Syria, and the situation in North/South Korea.
The students learned a lot about UN conference protocol, as well as practising negotiation skills, public speaking, conflict resolution, and the power of persuasion. This was especially a challenge, as the North Korean delegation, true to its national interest, stood out with controversial ideas that were not always supported by the other nations !
Participating in such conference for 4 days proved to be an amazing opportunity for the students to bond with different people from different countries, and to create at least one special friendship.
Overall this experience impacted each one of the students greatly and they cannot wait to attend another Model UN !
By Nikol Pardavá, S6EN