Präsentation des Soziologieunterrichts

Students entering S6 sociology begin their studies with a general introduction to the social sciences and begin to understand sociology’s place among them. They study three different social-structure theories that attempt to explain our society today : functionalism, social-conflict, and symbolic-interactionism. These three theories remain a central theme throughout the S6-S7 cycle. 

Other themes we study include conformity, obedience, group think, diffusion of responsibility, and agents of social control such as media, family, and peer groups. Towards the end of the cycle students study deviance, crime, youth, global injustice, and social movements. This latter segment focuses around current events and student interests.

The course is discussion-based and the grade for the class is reflective of this fact. Students will also conduct individual research, including a sociological investigation. Debates, group work, films and a variety of articles are used throughout the lessons.