École européenne de Strasbourg

“Elastic shapes” by Dr Guiseppe Ancona

On Monday 11 th March Dr Giuseppe Ancona from IRMA (l’Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée), University of Strasbourg gave a lecture titled ‘Elastic shapes’ to EES students.

Dr Ancona gave a talk in a very active area of research called topology to S3EN, S5EN and S6EN students (with Ms Aleksic Lampert and Ms Vencatasawmy).

The strong opening statement of the professor grabbed right away the attention of the students. Given two shapes made of an elastic material, one can be deformed to obtain the other one. For example, a circle can be transformed into a bigger circle or even a square but the shape of
the number 9 will never become the number 8.

The lecture was very interesting, students were focused and engaged, and they rose to the challenges set to them by Dr Ancona. The first event of the Mathematics Week was a great success!