École européenne de Strasbourg

Language Day 2021

Like every year, the European School celebrates its pupils’ languages on the occasion of Language Day, which took place this year on Monday 27 September. Numerous activities and projects marked this festive event, always enjoyed by our students.

In the nursery and primary classes, the teaching teams organised readings of fairy tales and song performances in numerous languages, including a musical quiz about the languages spoken in European countries, a flag activity, an art project on the word “Hello”, a presentation of traditional clothing and objects from pupils’ countries of origin.

In the secondary school, there were exhibitions on European folklore, interactive Padlets on European cultures, readings of texts by Italo Calvino, the Latin-Fest, including the ceremony for the conferral of the Latinum diplomas and performances in Latin by various classes, a language cloud created at the Learning Center along with literary tables for various languages, an exchange of Mail Art with the Collège International de l’Esplanade, presentations of recipes, and many more.

Finally, the whole school united around a grand common project: “Silhouettes and Languages”. Not only pupils but all members of the school community represented on cutout silhouettes the languages that they know, that surround them, that they love, that they practice. Yet another lovely occasion to show off the richness and diversity that characterises our school, proud of the 56 nationalities currently represented.

A festive and bracing moment at the start of the school year that helped to bring together and unite our community after so many difficult months, and to give us the courage to continue in this sharing spirit.