École européenne de Strasbourg


Nursery school

The nursery school hosts about a hundred children from 40 nationalities in three separate language sections. The teaching staff is made up of four teachers:  two professors for two French-speaking classes, a German-language teacher and an English teacher, assisted by two Classroom Assistants.

Schooling begins in M1 class at around four years old. During their two years in nursery school, the child will open up to the world surrounding them, will share projects with the children in the other language sections, while developing skills. The proposed curriculum allows each individual to strengthen their knowledge at their own pace. The details of the Early Education program is available at the following link:


The role of parents is key throughout the education of the student. Their regular collaboration with the teachers allows the child to flourish and to be guided in their future role as a European citizen.

Primary school

The primary school has about 350 students of different nationalities. It consists of 15 classes including 5 French classes, 5 English classes and 5 German-language classes. The class sizes range from 16 to 30 students.

Primary education lasts 5 years. At primary school the focus is on language 1, mathematics, learning a foreign language (language 2 which starts in the 1st  primary year) and discovery of the world. But other subjects such as art, music, sports, religion and morality as well as European hours (that start in the 3rd year of primary school) are also well developed.

The multipurpose visual arts, music, I.T. and cookery rooms are for all these projects. The new gym next to the school with 3 large rooms including a dance studio also provides excellent opportunities for sport. Students also have the opportunity to regularly access the school’s library with their teachers. The librarian welcomes and advises them in 3 languages.

The students have regular checkups throughout the year. The school report is given to families in February and at the end of the school year. Details of the primary programme is available at the following address:


Teachers work together and build joint programmes that focus on the links between the projects. They encourage active collaboration, student independence and the development of their personality.

The teaching staff work closely with families and parents who are also asked to help out during outings, or reading workshops…