École européenne de Strasbourg

European Actions

The European Actions Project, up and running for the last four years, is intended to bring the European School of Strasbourg and its pupils into contact with the Strasbourg-based institutions (whether they are part of the European Union or the Council of Europe). Whether to raise awareness of the European construction and European values or to encourage remembrance, this project makes the School’s pupils stakeholders in the present and future of the European process.

A number of large-scale actions have been or will be undertaken, as we can see from the charts that summarise the academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Such actions are part and parcel of the school project, since it opens up the School to its European environment.

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School year 2018/2019


Pupils concerned: S6 (4 dates)

  • On 25.01, in association with the Struthof (with a particular focus on Simone Veil), at the ESS (all S6 pupils)
  • On 25.03, half-day with five visiting speakers (S6 4P FR+EN + a few pupils from the 2P course); in association with History-Geography coordination
  • On 23.05, visit to the Struthof (guided tour + workshops; all S6 pupils)
  • End of June: European Commemorative Ceremony of Remembrance at the Struthof

In addition, two pupils from S5 will get the chance to do their vocational course work at the Struthof.

Project with Eurocorps

Pupils concerned: S4 (4 dates)

  • On 11.12, in the afternoon, visit to Eurocorps (group of 16 volunteer pupils)
  • On 20.03 and 26.04, in the morning, work with Eurocorps at ESS (group of 16 volunteer pupils)
  • On 16.05, presentation of the work and of Eurocorps by the 16 volunteer pupils to all S4 pupils

Opéra National du Rhin, performance and discovery

Pupils concerned: pupils chosen in tandem with Mrs Fischer (2 dates)

  • At 8.00 pm on 25.06, performance of Don Giovanni
  • At 9.30 am on 26.06, visit to the costume and wig workshops of the Opéra National du Rhin

Workshops organised by Les Jeunes Européens

Pupils concerned: P5 and S3

  • On 15.05, from 9.00 am to 11.45 am (S3)
  • On 15.05, from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm (P5)

European Parliament Role Play

Pupils concerned: S5 and S6

  • At 9.30 am on 13.05 (S6FR)
  • At 9.30 am on 15.05 (S6DE)
  • At 9.30 am on 05.06 (S6EN)

School year 2017/2018

(Date: Action; place; pupils or classes involved)

  • 09/11/2017: Participation in the World Forum for Democracy; Palace of Europe; S6 and S7 pupils
  • 23/01/2018: Presentation by Antoine Burgard; ESS; S6 FR/EN 4p Hist
  • 25/01/2018: Opening Ceremony of the Camps; Palace of Europe; S6 EN/FR 4p Hist
  • 29/01/2018: Remembrance Work / The Holocaust; European Youth Centre; S6
  • 02/02/2018: Parlamentarium; European Parliament; S6 and S7
  • 15/03/2018: Eurocorps; Main Hall at ESS; S4 and S5
  • 22/03/2018: Claude Lévy Foundation; Main Hall at ESS; S6 and S7
  • 09/05/2018: Europe Day Concert; Main Hall at ESS; Mrs Haas from the Conservatoire + ESS pupils
  • 24/05/2018: Event by Les Jeunes Européens; ESS; S3 and two first year classes
  • 05/06/2018: Visit to the European Parliament; European Parliament; S2 to S5
  • 24/06/2018: European Commemorative Ceremony of Remembrance; Former concentration camp, Le Struthof; 6 pupils of 6 different nationalities