École européenne de Strasbourg

The “Foyer socio-éducatif”

The “Foyer socio-éducatif” (FSE), a non-profit organisation recognised by the Magistrates’ Court of Strasbourg, is like a club where you and all the students of the school contribute to a collective fund and become members. More specifically, the FSE of the EES:

  • finances and manages the purchasing of equipment destined for use by students (e.g. recreational games)
  • finances the micro-projects (e.g. creative workshops) of Nursery and Primary
  • finances the prizes and awards given to students who participated in tests, exams, or contests (KMK, PET, Spelling Bee, DELE, Latinum, Mathématiques sans Frontières, Pangea, European Schools Science Symposium, Talent Show, etc.)
  • buys in bulk purchases (e.g. books and workbooks) to offset costs
  • manages the order for the class photos
  • organises some educational activities (school trips to museums, art exhibits, cinema outings, etc.)
  • handles the money raised by students for trips or charity and enables payment of donations
  • serves as a social fund (in collaboration with the Bursar, the FSE might help certain families finance a school outing or trip)

To become a member, please open the link below and complete the fields to proceed with payment: