École européenne de Strasbourg

School Charter 2016-2019

GOAL: To simplify pupils’ paths to facilitate their success

Lines of progress:

  • Harmonisation of pedagogy and evaluation
  • Encouragement of inter-cycle cooperation
  • Support for orientation projects post-EES

GOAL: To support language teaching (teaching of and in the language)

Lines of progress:

  • Emphasis to families of the importance of the first and second languages at school (L1 and L2)
  • Encouragement of language learning for all students, attempting to balance the heterogeneity of groups
  • Harmonisation between language courses and subject courses in the same language

GOAL: To educate pupils to be European citizens, sensitive to sustainable development issues, and able to cooperate well with others

Lines of progress:

  • Encouragement of everyday cooperation and social behaviour
  • Welcome to new members of the community (pupils and staff)
  • Strong anti-bullying policy
  • Clarification of the role of the Vie Scolaire in student life, with input from pupils
  • Improvement of everyday citizenship habits
  • Encouragement of recycling and sustainable development projects

GOAL: To open the school to its cultural and European surroundings

Lines of progress:

  • Encouragement of pupils’ cultural and artistic openness
  • Opening the school to its local neighbourhood and encouraging a European context
  • Maintenance and improvement of relations with other European Schools

GOAL: To improve communication

Lines of progress:

  • Improvement and updating of the school website
  • Improvement of school communication with the outside world
  • Publicising the school and its mission