École européenne de Strasbourg

Economy at the ESS

Pupils may begin economy as of S4 and until the end of S5. It then comprises a course of four periods a week, which presents an introductory approach to the economy and its principal mechanisms. The objective of this programme is to “give pupils the tools necessary to develop their knowledge of economic concepts” and “foster understanding of the different economic systems”, while incorporating “aspects relating to the European Union”. What is a market? What are the different kinds of currency? Why save? All questions that will be covered in the course of the two years. Teaching is given in the pupil’s second modern language. At the present time, the school offers economics in English and French.

Pupils who have taken economics in S4 and S5 can continue this option for the S6-S7 cycle: it then becomes an exam subject that they will present in writing at the baccalaureate (4-period exam). During the two years of the final cycle, pupils will be able to deepen their knowledge of the major economic concepts and take on the main economic theories. The major macroeconomic issues, such as jobs, inflation, growth and international trade, will be studied, putting the accent on discussion and interaction with the pupils and developing critical thinking.