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Italiano at the ESS

Italian (Language 4)

Starting in the fourth year of secondary (S4), pupils can choose Italian, as one of their options, as a fourth modern language (L4). Pupils can drop this option at the end of S5, after two years of language teaching or continue classes in S6 and S7. Pupils who continue to study Italian Language 4 in S6 and S7 can choose this subject for the written and oral exams in the baccalaureate.

Teaching of languages 4 is organised into two cycles and learning objectives are calibrated in reference to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • 1st cycle S 4+5
    • Four weekly periods – Level A1+
  • 2nd cycle S 6+7
    • Four weekly periods – Level A2+

The programmes in language 4 are devised based on the conception of language as a communication tool and the concept of competence as a body of knowledge and ability that enables the pupil to express and understand messages in various contexts and situations. To acquire this communicative competence, it is necessary to work in three fields: linguistic competence, discursive competence and sociolinguistic competence.

The emphasis is placed on communication but learning the Italian language also leads to an introduction to Italian civilisation.

The methodology is based on a variety of media (literary texts, journalism, songs, excerpts from films, pictures, advertising, comic strips, etc.) in order to interest and motivate pupils and encourage them to speak the language.