École européenne de Strasbourg


Highlights and Projects Undertaken

  • School Sports Day, 27 September 2017
    We called on the services of the Aviron Strasbourg 1880 rowing club which, from 10.55 am to 12.30 pm, introduced 37 pupils from S6 to the basics of rowing in the main hall (with a PowerPoint presentation, an introduction to the culture of rowing, the techniques and scientific and physiological explanations of the sport). The pupils had the opportunity to take part in competitions on indoor rowing machines. Until 3.00 pm, we took part in sports activities in the main hall (which all the pupils were able to see), which were open to every pupil in the school. The indoor rowing machines had been left out so that all the pupils could try them out.
  • Participation in the Lingolsheim cross-country
    On 15 November 2017, we took part in the Lingolsheim cross-country event, a qualifying round for the departmental competitions in Bischwiller on 29 November.
  • Participation in an Ultimate Frisbee Competition
    On 4 April 2018, Mr Shaw travelled to Arbouans with two teams of five girls and seven boys. Each team played three matches in two pools. The weather was miserable but the pupils competed in a friendly spirit of fair play. Mr Shaw’s report: “We entered two teams consisting of five girls and seven boys in each team. Each team played three games each in two different pools. The weather was miserable with driving rain, a blustery wind and mud-covered pitches. But despite the miserable conditions for playing, spirits remained high, with our teams singing and dancing on the sidelines throughout. We were all happy to be back on the warm bus to travel back to Strasbourg.”
  • Participation in a Circus Arts outing
    On 23 May 2018, Mr Shaw took a group of pupils from the Circus Club on an outing and here’s his report: “Our budding clowns and acrobats met with their counterparts from seven other schools in Alsace in Génération Cirque, Achenheim. The morning consisted of several 45-min-long workshops where they had a chance to try dance, tight-rope walking, knife-throwing, German wheel and aerial silks. After a picnic lunch we presented our show and got to see the output of the other schools.”
  • Participation in and organisation of Volleyball competitions
    As Mrs Simon is the District Coordinator for Volleyball at high schools in Strasbourg, we have taken part in and organised a lot of competitions in the ESS gymnasium. This has also given us the opportunity to get to know each other better and welcome other schools from the district to our own school. We have been taking part in competitions since October. Here are our teams’ results:

    • On 24 January 2018, we qualified for and organised the Departmental Junior Boys Volleyball Finals (S7); we won the bronze medal;
    • On 31 January 2018, we qualified for and organised the Departmental Girls High School Volleyball Finals (S5/S7); we won the bronze medal;
    • On 21 February 2018, our mixed team became Departmental Volleyball Champion and qualified for the Education Authority Championships;
    • On 21 March 2018, we qualified for and organised the Departmental Minor Boys Volleyball Finals (S5/S6); we won the silver medal;
    • On 11 April 2018, organisation of the Education Authority Mixed Volleyball Finals at the ESS gymnasium for which we had qualified; our team finished in 4th place out of the four teams competing.

2018/2019 schedule for UNSS & Eurosport activities