École européenne de Strasbourg

“Sum of squares” by Dr Lie Fu

As a part of the Mathematics Week, on Friday 15 th March 2024 Professor Dr Lie Fu from IRMA (l’Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée), University of Strasbourg visited the

Dr Fu gave a lecture titled “Sum of squares” to S3EN, S4EN, S5EN and S6EN students (with Ms Aleksic Lampert and Ms Vencatasawmy).
He challenged the students by asking them to think about: When can a number can be expressed as the sum of two squares, three squares, four squares?

The professor inspired the students, and they altogether discover the answer using Fermat, Euler and Lagrange Theorems! This is already the second year that our students could enjoy Dr Fu’s talks in the EES during the Mathematics Week. The lectures were very successful and are highly appreciated by the students and teachers of the EES!

1. Fu-EES pi-day poster 2024-Sum of squares