École européenne de Strasbourg

Mathematics Exibition

To make mathematics a fun learning experience, students of S1EN, S2EN, S3EN and S4EN classes led by Ms Aleksic Lampert and Ms Vencatasawmy, displayed their skills in the Mathematics Exhibition, as a part of the Mathematics Week. 

For several weeks, students were engaged with different maths projects. Using their mathematical knowledge, artistic skills, and creativity they drew intriguing models and made posters showcasing the concepts of Tessellations, Rangoli, Symmetry and Linear Functions.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm and effort especially shown by the members of the maths club “Maths is fun!”:
 S1EN students: Mikel, Marinos, Leire and Daelle
 S3EN: Maya, Christine, Terry and Daniel.

Their work was highly appreciated. The Mathematics Exhibition celebrates the intersection of creativity, critical thinking, knowledge, and discovery. It is being displayed from 12 th March – 30 th March 2024 in front of Aula, for all of the visitors: students, teachers, parents to be inspired, captivated, and enlightened by the diverse creativity of young secondary school EES students.