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European Baccalaureate

Secondary education is validated by the European Baccalaureate examinations at the end of year 7. The certificate awarded is fully recognised in all the countries of the European Union, as well as in a number of others.

European Baccalaureate certificate holders enjoy the same rights and benefits as other holders of secondary school-leaving certificates in their countries, including the same right as nationals with equivalent qualifications to seek admission to any university or institution of higher education in the European Union.

The Examining Board, which oversees the examinations in all language sections, is chaired by a university professor and is composed of examiners from each European Union country. The examiners are appointed annually by the Board of Governors of the European Schools and must meet the requirements laid down in their home countries for appointment to examining boards of the same level.
The Baccalaureate examinations assess performance in the subjects taught in years 6 and 7, and to qualify for admission to the examinations students must have completed at least the last two years of secondary course at a European School.

All the informations about the European Baccalaureat are available on the web page Schola Europaea :