École européenne de Strasbourg

The project for the Vie Scolaire

The school  is an important part of each of our pupils’ lives, entailing respect for the rules and for the constraints inherent to the school setting.

During their free periods, it is important that all pupils can:

  • work on their assignments,
  • do group work,
  • make progress on their orientation projects for their life after leaving school,
  • enjoy the company of friends and relax between two class periods.

As a result, pupils have a choice among four different options for their free periods:

  • The study hall, which is a space for individual work. Computers and printers are provided, along with textbooks and dictionaries.
  • The common rooms, which are spaces for relaxation and social life. Pupils may talk among themselves or play card and board games, while respecting the function and cleanliness of the spaces. The use of electronic devices is permitted, though pupils are asked to ensure that excessive use does not interfere with the social function of the common rooms.
  • The terrace and the ping-pong tables are spaces for pupils to get fresh air and be active. Pupils must act responsibly and bear in mind that schoolwork remains a priority. The educational assistants (surveillants) supervise this space.
  • Learning Center. Pupils may use the library for the following purposes:
    • reading,
    • research for schoolwork,
    • group study and group projects; the small workrooms may be reserved for this purpose,
    • research for post-baccalaureate projects,
    • language study and practice on the computers reserved for this function.

The Learning Center not being a playground, game play on the computers is not permitted.

At the beginning of a free period, pupils can choose to go to any of these spaces according to their obligations or desires, as long as they respect the above conditions and any additional instructions from the Vie Scolaire.

Our objective has been to offer a wide range of alternatives to our pupils, to foster their individual development while at school. By giving pupils autonomy in the development of their individual paths, the development of their individual responsibility, and their language learning, our objective has been to accentuate the European identity of our school.