École européenne de Strasbourg

Biology at the ESS

Biology is the science of life. The compulsory biology programs in S4 and S5 focus on animal and plant physiology, cell biology, Mendelian and molecular genetics and evolution. The syllabus provides the students with the basic concepts of biology in order to build a solid foundation.

Students are able to choose a 2 period biology option in S6. During the preparation for the baccalaureate, the subjects covered are always discussed with reference to the social and economic aspects of biology as well as dealing with topics on the ethics of biology.

Students who choose the 4 period option in biology will have the opportunity to further explore topics already covered in S4 and S5 in greater detail. These topics include biomolecules, cell biology, genetics and evolution. This is an exciting and ambitious program, which explores the molecular mechanisms underlying the functioning of living organisms.

Finally, the 2 period biology laboratory option, recommended for students taking the 4 period biology course, will delight those who intend to pursue a scientific career since it is based on the practice of conventional techniques in research and industrial laboratories.