École européenne de Strasbourg

Language 2

At the ESS, pupils are required to choose a second language as of P1. Language 2 (“L2”) as it is called must always be different from the language used in their section. For example, a pupil in the German-speaking section may choose French or English as L2.

Number of hours

For P1 and P2, 2½ hours of classes are given per week. For P3, P4 and P5, this rises to 3¾ hours per week.

Importance of Language 2

L2 plays an increasingly important role in a pupil’s schooling and becomes the second teaching language as of the S3 class: History and Geography classes are given in L2. As of S4, certain options such as Economics are also taught in L2.

General objectives

The general objectives of teaching Language 2 are the following:

  • To enable pupils to assert their own cultural identity, the foundation of their future development as European citizens;
  • To develop a high level of proficiency, whether in their mother tongue or in foreign languages;
  • To favour a general European approach, especially in the human sciences classes (in secondary);
  • To strengthen the spirit of tolerance, cooperation, dialogue and respect within the school community, as well as outside school;
  • To encourage the personal, social and intellectual development of pupils and prepare them for the next educational cycle;
  • To encourage the personal fulfilment of pupils in a broader social and cultural context.


The content of the learning programme in Language 2 is divided into six themes:

  1. The pupil and his or her school
  2. The pupil and the world of the imagination
  3. The pupil and the world that surrounds him or her
  4. The pupil, his or her family and his or her friends
  5. The pupil and his or her well-being
  6. The pupil and his or her leisure activities (free time)